Honeymoon at Lily Beach Resort & Spa


This is my photography journey in Lily Beach Resort & Spa with Kris and Mika. Located in Ari Atoll/Maldives. This lovely couple from Japan is here on their honeymoon. This island is a romantic getaway in Maldives, love the installation art on this resort.

Like always i had problem with the sea plan transportation in my country. Which mostly give half of the day to shoot and impossible to do pictures on sunrise and sunsets. But i am hoping that this would change in the future for us.  After the shoot i was really luck to meet the couple on the airport and give them the photo-book/ Album  by myself.  This time the images with sun, sand and the turquoise water made the bride go in tears. And later there was a lovely thank you note on my email.

This is the first shoot of island cupids. Wish me luck and hope to share more in the close future.

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