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I love experimenting and researching on art. This is the second part of the portrait photography project done with Riz (Leykoka Looks), i hope you have seen the hijab ones.


Photography & Retouching : Ali Nishan (Millzero – Island Cupids)
Model: Thithoo, elysha
MUA: Riz (Leykoka Looks)
Scarf styled : Riz ( Leykoka Looks Training Classes & Salon )
Assistance : Ahmed Nishan (Batti)
Production: March 2013

I hope this post would help some of my friends to understand key few things in portrait photography.

Body figure.
Perfect shape /figure is one of the key things that i try to maintain on my picture. Its very simple to note the difference. Just shoot an object from low, medium and high angle, you will see the difference. To avoid the distortion i try to shoot with lenses with focal length above 50mm.

Check out the profile of these finest fashion photographers from Maldives.

Funko grafik: He is one of my favorite artists in Maldives. He continuously use distortions on most of his images as part of his style. Congratulation funko! on your Le cute LAVISH appearance.

Shazeen Samad: Currently retired from photography but he has being my inspiration to start thinking about the human figure. I still love his work!

True skin color.
Skin color is something very challenging for me. Different people see colors in different ways, just for example light green hue to me might not look the same to you. Its like using different uncelebrated screens / monitors. In my experience i have noticed that a difference in 300 kelvin can change the color of skin. So be careful with what you do. Its always better to understand the color before and then tweak.
To avoid the unnatural colors i always try to keep a note of the actual color, i been use a color card (Spyder Checker) to take a note and this way i have a profile of the colors.
Always keep a note of your white balance in your camera. I use a grey card profile under mid-day sun and the image is taken under the shade shade.

Mahin Fayaz: One of the youngest and most inspiring, he’s got the talent to rock his world of Art when it comes to colors.

What i have written above on this blog post is because of frustrations and disappointments in my community. I really want people to understand and appreciate art, if you don’t have a clue just press like go away. Do some reference, look at lots of others work and come back in few years. If there is anything you don’t feel comfortable just say it, i believe this would help the photographer or artist to become a better person in future. You will never know how the Ugly Duckling would come out in 10 years. Also for those who reading this post i am not a writer and i still don’t know how to use “being” and been” properly in sentences. 😛


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