#victimized the girl



I was the most #unethical person when I shared a picture of a politician (MP Ilham) in a funny pose, which was on public. But when a lot of people (Viber groups, your facebook wall), media shared pictures which made jokes of a girl in need of mental support. I truly think our community and media has #victimized the girl i just wonder how hard it would be for her to come out of home even with the help of professionals.

Weeks ago I was just trying to educate the community, but yesterday its a sad day. I think its time you all know what’s right image to share and what not.

Was this a feeding frenzy!
And to Raajje.mv Ahmed Muhsin, bro you can give photo credit to Internet, the server that host facebook, Earth, Universe and Milky way. Does this make any sense. And journalist Ahmed Rifau you need to find the real source to credit not your facebook friends. And at last i though someone who has being victimized years ago and who has changed her appearance because of the past incident failed to realized what would happen to the poor lady.

I am sorry to do this but i think its a duty to not make this kind of feeding frenzy happen again. So don’t point fingers at me, educate yourself!

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