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Sometimes its breath taking to imagine having your wedding at one of the best locations in the world. This is the story of Kieron & Belinda who had there wedding in the sandbank and there banquet under the million stars. This is what i called a real wedding.

Kieron & Belinda contacted me 6 months before their wedding date and we being discussing about things that can be done in Maldives.  The Award winning wedding resort “Baros Maldives” had an amazing wedding planner at that time. Everything from transport to the champagne that was served on the table was perfectly organised by the talented staffs.

Wedding preparation was done inside the over water rooms and its always lovely to see the brides and groom being prepared by their parents and escorted to the wedding location by the family. On the reef of Baros Maldives there is a patch of sand located and this is where everything happen on the big day. I guess i am much better in wedding photojournalism as Chinese proverb says ” One picture is worth ten thousand words” I will let you all read my story with the amazing images.

Photography: Ali Nishan (Millzero) & Ahmed Nishan (Batti)
Location: Baros Maldives
September  2012

MIM_2254MIM_2284MIM_2303MIM_2160 MIM_2320 MIM_2321 MIM_2207MIM_2325MIM_2346 MIM_2388 MIM_2447MIM_2464MIM_2484MIM_2507MIM_2530MIM_2631  MIM_2595MIM_2539 MIM_2642MIM_2672MIM_2712MIM_2728MIM_2735MIM_2762MIM_2963MIM_2864MIM_2892MIM_2915MIM_3062MIM_3078MIM_3096 MIM_3119MIM_3057MIM_3124MIM_3138MIM_3139MIM_3151MIM_3184MIM_3197MIN_3363MIN_3359

This is a time-lapse created on the night of Kieron & Belinda’s wedding banquet at the sandbank in Baros Maldives.

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