Year 2015!



Let me talk about the year that passed, 2015 was a year of traveling around Maldives. I couldn’t imagine how many pictures i have taken but almost (36,667 Edited JPG’s on single backup drive ) 1+ TB and lets not talk about RAW files. I have done twice more work for peanuts just to improve the ‪#‎Art‬and other communities. Loved what i have done for the society and hopefully i would do more in this year.

I am still figuring out how to use being and been in my writing. Haven’t done many blog post on but at least 23 blog posts are up and few more on the draft. Hoping to do more blog post in this 2016. Did manage to read few books just to improve my skills.

I would love to continue traveling around to some remote islands for better hospitality and kindness. My favourite and most challenging wedding would be the wedding that i did in Fuvahmulah, learning to communicate with a‪#‎deaf‬ bride and groom was something i am proud in the last year. Yet its not being blogged but hope to do it soon. Thanks to Thoi for everything on the trip and Aleeaf for teaching me few basics to communicate with you, your wife and friend.


Manage to do a medical test and found out that i need to be fit and Samyhai am trying to reduce fat in food and live healthy.

Related to my work i thank Tedry for the support and making me understand and teaching me some new things about film making, Kudu you the best in management and thank for the professional knowledge you provided me with your resource. Mimrah thanks for the knowledge you shared regarding art really helps me in my daily life, I know its really hard being an artist but you and Waheed showed me the path to work on my career. I know i need mental support when things that goes wrong daily in professional and personal life, thank you Minaam Eemaan Mamdhooh for the support.
I am hope would find more reliable people on the professional field like Jay Smartical Mohamed Zuhury. Thanks Shafneez for the legal support, i hope we can find a better future for my bodu gulha pictures.

I should not be the best person to talk about relationship, marriage but i still have some hope but i guess i could talk about some art. Island Cupids is still doing great and thanks to Batti for working side by side with me and we made it possible to improve our weddings by working with Hulhevi Media to produce wedding films for our lovely couples. Thanks to Shaari and Yasir for working with us one team to make Maldivian ‪#‎wedding‬ to a little bit better position. Mahreen hope you have learned a lot of things and thanks for making all the books. Shaff you need to do more and better decorations than this year. Thanks to all my brides and grooms for the support you guys giving to our team. Miz your idea (Island Cupids) is doing great and you and Thompe should be happy that we are trying our best to maintain the professionalism and i made it possible to become a member of ISPWP – International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers yet that does not have a real value in our Maldivian society.


The two artist that i been following DJ Vifak & Mooshan you guys rock and would love to do more creative work with you guys. Lets continue shooting the dance music video ‪#‎ProjectIhusas‬


And Jaau, i still think you helped the most and thank you for been that person. And to my dad and both mom’s for taking care of me. Athifa &Nusaiba i really don’t know where to fit you guys but lets hope to have more food and gossip, by the way i still think medical marketing need to be taken to next level and you guys need to do more work. I will help you with my resource but don’t let others miss use us.
The most exciting thing of the year would be the news that i am soon going to be a uncle grin emoticon. Elaf gets to be the favourite person of the year award and Xuha gets to have the best smile. I do miss Mimrah and my only sisterNasha and you guys take good care of yourself.

Samahy I think you have to be the most unreliable person but yet we need to coffee. Shafy thanks for the opportunity to work with local artist. Jazz Cafe’ you still my favourite cafe (Thanks for the quick, amazing taste and friendly service ) and Thoo we need to do more window shopping atZeeba’s Deli & Café because the coffee and interior feels good. Will Memowe need to cook more great recipes and be fit. Nattu thanks for maintaining my website and Jawish for the hosting.
Apple Inc. Nikkon SLR’s, Black Magic film camera for the hardware and tools, Adobe Photoshop Capture One Dropbox for the blog and Google for the amazing services Retouching Academy for improving my editing skills; Thank you all for helping me on this creative work environment. DHIRAAGU thanks you for the internet service, try to improve and give a better service for professionals and don’t forget to use your CSR on creative field on this 2016. Focus Computers Private Limited for the apple care service.

Last year i figured out that we cant only be creative, but we need to have passion and dedication on our work.

Thanks to everyone who helped me and who’s name not mentioned above and thank you god. Let there be peace and will try to do more Art in 2016.

I didn’t know i have so much more to write so let me stop writing.
Happy new year 2016! Love you all!

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