Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami: 12 years


“2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami” Every disaster to our community brings changes to us and our environment. I still remember the early morning hours of this day of 2004. I know how many of our loved ones, and property were lost within a few minutes. I saw how high the waves went inside the homes. I still remember the people of Raa Atoll Kandholhudhoo. I remember the agricultural plantations in some islands that got destroyed. I still remember the groups that formed to help the people in need. There is a lot to talk about on this day. I will give you 3 images to bring back some memories from Kaafu Atoll Guraidhoo.

Twelve years has passed and why isn’t anybody talking about this natural disaster to the scale we ought to. I know we have done a lot to protect our community from disasters, is it enough? It’s sad that we forget these things so soon.

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