Traffic in Malecity


Malé, Maldives, An island of 5.8km circumference and congested with 250,000+ humans in one land. With huge populations, lack of urban planning comes with countless issues. Right now human values are cheaper than a cup of coffee, modern education itself doesn’t help us in real life application. Sometime we don’t encourage ourselves to walk on these roads and we find an alternative to transport in short distances.

Government pays for the education, health care. Loving parents pays for food, shelter, clothing and other necessities.  Youngster and adults are told how to live your life and sometimes it’s even difficult to take responsibilities due to macro management’s in our homes. On the top of life goals comes a motorbike and smartphone for a adolescent than learning a skilled job.  Vehicles have become a lifestyle for everyone and more vehicles are imported and sold in this town everyday.  We already know that it’s difficult to find a road without a moving vehicles at day time and in the evening it’s more frustrating to find a parking spot. This is the same all around the capital city. More high rise building apartment building are build even at this moment. To deal with these social and urban issues an artificial island (Hulhumale’) is reclaimed and build with proper planning and facilities. This island and Hulhule (Airport island) will have a the bridge linking the 3 island and that is going to happen next year.  With this do you think we will have any solutions for our traffic issue, urban, social and air pollution?

It’s time we need to think about the increase of vehicles and make some changes in our lifestyle.

Here are some suggestions:
1- Start public transportations. (I have heard its on the plan but we need to encourage people to use this service daily)
2-Enforce to establish parking inside the high-rise buildings.
3-Awareness and Marketing of road regulations and best practices.
4-Parents should stop investing on motorbikes for your children and let them earn it by themselves.

Feel free to add more on the comments.

 Just my personal opinion, ideas and views of this city might be different from yours.Thank you for taking your time on reading this post. KIR!


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