Mooshan Mubarik


Concept developed for Mooshan album cover photoshoot.
3 weeks of planning was done and mostly was very difficult to find a location with low tide water and the palms on the background. Also not to forget how difficult is to locate a small dhoni with all the gears.

Finally we made the shoot on (16 December 2015) in the middle of #Geminid #Meteor Shower. Almost all the images of the sky had a lot of meteors. The milkyway image was shot separately and placed on the image.
Location Gan (Laamu Atoll) eastern side beach.

Thanks to Ahmed Sujau Mohamed Azmi Jaleel & Ibrahimbe Mohamed Kudu for the help, without all of you this image would not have been possible.
Produced in 2015

Ps: Check out the BTS video by jau

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