Seahouse : Your local cafe


Video Advertisement design to give a boost to local food. This video made for Seahouse cafe in Malecity, Maldives.

On this video you will see a different colors of local pepper chili, Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) been grilled with local spices, Breadfruit Rice in coconut milk, Rihaakuru (Local fish paste) with Masbai (tuna fried rice), boiled sweet potato, Salad made out of Copyfai (kale leaf), Banana flower cut into a fried side dish, (Roshi) Local bread making and some locally grown fruits.

Shot on Blackmagic macro studio camera, Nikon Lens and edited on Adobe Premier.
Food prepared: Chef Moosa Rameez @Seahousecafe
Music : Mohamed Ikram
Video is inspired by M&S food videos.



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