Eid Celebration 2018 : Day 1 (Eid Hulhu)


Day ONE of this year’s eid celebration starts with Maali (fictional and  mythical characters ) parade and end up with burning bon fire.
Location : Raa Atoll Vadhoo

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DAY TWO: Making of the Koadi (The structure is made of dhun’buru (Ochrosia borbonica) trunk and Pandanus, screw pine (Pandanus laevis, Pandanus moschatus, Pandanus spurius) leaves, coconut leaves a) by the men of the community and the prade .


DAY THREE: Making the takuru by the men in community, passing the takuru to the females of the community and clean up was performed with Passing the farivalhu (Gifts and donations collected from the community) to the takuru.

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