Nostra Riva


Photography is a young creative art form. Which is growing rapidly in our communities. There are so many people practicing this art form. You might shoot for fun or you might make your living out of this. For me this is my way of living i being work as a photographer for few years now. But i dont believe i am that talented to the level i work. Just dont confuse yourself, i am also learning this art form day by day. Here is one of my favorite quote “Just Because You Own A Camera Doesn’t Mean You’re A Photographer!” Think about it!

These are few pictures i have taken few years back. Here i have tried combined them together and makes a piece of art. May be you can call it a collage work. May be something else. I am just inspired to do this.


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  1. i love it, specially wen de shades r mixin with “pink”.

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