Quest – Photography in these islands


Good photography for me is not going somewhere and covering an event. You just need to plan your shoot, know how the lighting should be on the location. If it’s day light (which time of the day you would get the certain light tones). Also how the models or the person in front of the camera should be (Makeup, hair and costume).  If you cant get models just keep on looking ask your friend or shoot a family member. We just poor  passonate guys so its hard share anything on a personal work. (Most Maldivian models just give you a big price rather than doing there moves in front of the camera, And few of them has a portfolio other than Facebook profile pictures). We just looking for models  people who’s interested in good photos, just don’t beg or invest in gifts and coffee. Be a bit professional, let her know what you are planning to shoot in advance.

Some advice for new bee’s!
Go to some place with courage, (Don’t hide your work) take some pictures & upload to social network. 1 in 100 would give you better advice, you just need to figure them out and follow them. Think about the negative comments. Go and shoot again, Get the bad comments again. Now you would be starting to realize what’s happening in your photos.
Guys and girls you need to invest your time and money to get your knowledge. Do Google search, follow great international photographers who blogs about photography and buy books from Amazon or local bookshops (Most of my reference books are from Sri Lanka (DON’T ask me to share, i really dont share my books and gear because of bad experiences in the past)). Reading blogs is my key way of knowledge. This is what i being doing all these days.

I know few people who does good photos with iphones and point n shoot camera. We just dont need the real big guns, 3000W outdoor battery packs &  20,000mm Schneider lens. You just need to plan it carefully, Think and just dont give up do it.

Maldives Artists Directory just added my name, But i just dont believe i am still an artist, I’ve seriously being doing photography for 6 years. And this dedicated to art and photography still dosent make me an Artist. (They first need to add people like Meemu Zaviyani, Yaseen Hameed (f8), Shaheena, Waheed (Haveeru Sports), Xion, Shazeen Samad  and my dear Ahmed Zahid). I still can give more name, Dont forget the old people who made their name, who made B&W inside there rooms. These are people i believe as Artists. I am still not a “Professional” i am still a “serious ammature” inside me. I always try to put Art and Soul, not the reward cash money or the golden medals and trophies.


About the picture:
This one of the shots taken for Fasylive’s Vengeance Album.
location: Thilafuhish, Feb 2007
Gear: Nikon D70 with two lights and a petrol generator
This picture is produced by Ahmed Shuau (Obofili) and Me
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