Photography for beginners workshop.


Maldivian Photographers Association is planning to have a basic photography workshop for beginners. We are trying to get more young people to join. Equipment will be provided.

You don’t need a camera, just hurry and grab your seat. Its Free!

To ensure smooth running of the workshop participants are required to register.

Therefore to register and book your spot “Photography for beginners workshop” please send an email to nishan(at) with the following information.

  1. Your name
  2. Contact number
  3. E-mail
  4. Age

We will then send you a reply.

Our Aim : To educate and promote photography among youngsters.

Who can join:

– Youngsters who wish to take photography as carrier

– Anyone

Time: (2.5 to 4 hours) Morning time

Date: 15-20 December 2009

Venue: not yet decided

Workshop Details

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
  • What is Photography?
  • Types of camera
  • The basic camera
  • 35mm SLR
  • How to make a good photograph?
  • Light, Objects, Lens
  • Practical (Indoor)
  • Focal Length and angle of view
  • ISO or ASA
  • Choosing a right Film, White Balance.
  • Shutter & Aperture
  • Achieving DOF using different lens
  • Basic Laws of Photography
  • Practical (Indoor)
  • Using photography lights
  • How to use light meter
  • Practical (Indoor)
  • Portrait Photograph
  • Using the right lens!
  • Adobe Photoshop useful tips
  • Practical (Outdoor)
  • Adobe Photoshop useful tips (Continue)
  • Practical (Outdoor)



19 Replies to “Photography for beginners workshop.”

  1. I guess I’m in, right?

    “Who can join:
    – Youngsters who wish to take photography as carrier
    – Anyone (Male / Female)”<——–dho

    Dude? your text box font is white! i cant see what im writing!

  2. First will see how many youngsters we get and will decide about you guys.
    Yaaa… sorry about my text box. but it works fine.

    Thank you very much for Support. I have updated that part.

  3. Its perfectly alright to delete the above comment… and this if you feel so. 🙂

  4. Whats the fee’s for this? i’m interested in joining

  5. i’d love to join, but that time would make it impossible.
    morning??? cant this be squeezed to afternoon man? the outdoor shoots can be planned to the weekend.

    just an idea!

    p.s. i think its a glitch in the coding, it is as Yasiph said, the text is white and i too can’t see what im typing.

  6. I’m an amateur photographer and would love to participate in this program.

  7. Nathij : i know there is a error on my blog color thing. Will fix it when i have some time.
    Regrading the workshop. I am getting lots of mail from people asking to change the time. only problem is i am also in a very over booked schedule till the end of the year. This workshop was to be held on Ramadan time.

    If you not happy about the time pls do send me an email saying that so that i can talk to the other members of my team.

  8. i see! so that is the case.
    i understand that you may be very busy but i’m sure that everyone here would be thankful that you at least are trying to arrange a workshop.

    from what you said i also understand that with enough support the time could be changed to something better suited for the majority – which i take is something other than normal working hours.

    fair democracy it is and i place my vote for a change in the timing!


  9. i guess this is a perfect one.. and i love the time too.. will be happy if the time is changed. 🙂

    BTW guess i am already inn..

  10. so like, is this thing taking place? I applied, no reply, this is supposed to start on 15th?

  11. sounds more like a camera workshop than a photography workshop.

  12. Eating: How on the freaking earth would anyone know how to photograph until they learn their camera? It’s not just easy, as clicking the shutter.
    “No one can dance until they know how to move in their dancing shoes with all the fundamental rules of dancing. So don’t make a fool out of yourself, you might step onto someone’s foot.” – Miuvaan iHappy December 15, 2009 =D
    Keep it real
    Miuvaan iHappy

  13. this muzt be a nice idea to promote photography…so i have a u said many ppl were requested,how was the selection of participants made????

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