Exotic Street Food : Hulhumale’


There is this food stall in Hulhumale’ which serves some exotic seafood that’s very popular in Maldives and which is a bit difficult to collect and BBQ at this time of life. This stall had conch, spider shells, octopus, giant sea snail and more. Also for those others they have chicken legs and sausage, all these foods are served with their own maldivian hot paste (lonumirus).

This small video was develop to test the low light conditions of Blackmagic pocket 4K camera #BMPC4K #BMCC. At this happening place i decided to do a run and gun style shooting. All the lights at this location are from the street and food stall. These clips was taken in 30 – 45 minutes duration. This was my first BMPC4K camera footage, all the footage was shot on Apple ProRes 422 HQ using a metabones lens adapter with Nikon lens.

Video shot on 7 December 2018

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